Gaming Technology

Gaming, Hobby or Job?

Gaming is a term that is familiar to young people in the era of modernization. Gaming is playing a game either online or offline. Gamer is the term used to describe a person who engages in gaming activities. Playing games is fun, so it is one way to spend leisure time or fatigue. But not only that, because of the increasingly realistic gaming experience, gamers will more easily access a variety of online games. The wide variety of online games allows gamers to develop their creativity as well as social interaction. Many games allow players to create their own world, from character design to creating game scenarios. This creates a thriving community where players can discuss, share advice, or even make friends. This creates its own space for gamers, and Indonesia is no exception.

The gaming market in Indonesia has developed in a positive direction, which started as a hobby to unwind or to fill spare time, is now starting to enter a more serious realm, such as the existence of special competitions , namely eSports. An eSports tournament is like the Olympics, but for gaming. The prizes from these eSports matches are no joke either. Not only hundreds of millions but can touch hundreds of billions of rupiah. The International, a competition organized by the Dota 2 game, recorded a total prize of $30 billion or equivalent to 418 billion rupiah. In addition, the competition that just happened was M5 from the Mobile Legends Bang-Bang game, the total prize touched $900 thousand or the equivalent of 14 billion rupiah.


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